All About A

  • Artist: A
  • Genre: Rock
  • Total Album: 17
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

There is more than one artist with this name 1 A is a British alternative rock band 2 A is a Japanese visual rock bandBritish alternative rock band They formed in 1995 in Suffolk England The original line up was the three brothers Jason Perry Vocals Adam Perry Drums and Giles Perry Keyboard with two friends Mark Chapman Guitar and Steve Swindon Bass Swindon quit the band in 1997 and was replaced by ...

Music Album of A

Hi Fi Serious
Monkey Kong
A vs Monkey Kong
Hi Fi Serious
Teen Dance Ordinance
How Ace Are Buildings
A vs Monkey Kong
Exit Stage Right Live
Rockin Like Dockin EP
Rush Song EP
Something s Going On Single
Starbucks Single
Singalong EP
No 1 EP
Nothing Single
Good Time Single
Summer on the Underground Single